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HOISHostile Intelligence Service
HOISHead of Information Services (job title)
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HOI materials can be divided into two basic categories: homogeneous systems derived from monomers or miscible organic and inorganic components, and heterogeneous, phase-separated systems with domains ranging from angstroms to micrometers in size.
HOI materials are commonly produced using the sol--gel process.
Es pertinente el comentario de Stephen Leighton (1996: 218-219) de que por hois hepetai hedone e lupe Aristoteles parece significar algo mas que un mero acompanamiento de las sensaciones de placer o dolor, y que su concepto de emocion incluye el placer o el dolor.
Hoi gar nomothetai tous politas ethizontes poiousin agathous.
21) "[E]i men oun esan hoi logoi autarkeis pros to poiesai epieikeis.
According to Conrad, the Forbes analysis is faulty in ways that hois the authors by their own statistical petards.
Monika, an artist and teacher, and Staszek, a writer and professor, wend their way around tables through the cafe garden of my hotel, the Klezmer Hois, a rambling, peak-roofed building that used to house a mikvah.
NIGEL TWISTON-DAVIES yesterday suggested that Fundamentalist followers that his star will return from injury as good as new next year after confirming that hois star novice chaser will miss the remainder of the season.
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