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HHHip Hop
HHHelly Hansen
HHHamburg (Germany)
HHHappy Hour
HHHi-Hat (cymbal)
HHHalf Hour
HHHis Holiness
HHHis Highness
HHHome Health Care
HHHappy Holidays
HHHilton Head
HHHaunted House (game)
HHHard of Hearing
HHHolding Hands
HHHigh Hopes
HHHands High (measurement of horses)
HHHigh Humidity (water vapor measurement)
HHHulk Hogan
HHHealth Hazard
HHHit Hard (basebasll statistic)
HHHelen Hunt
HHHerbert Hoover
HHHer Highness
HHHold Harmless
HHHex Head (screws)
HHHiatus Hernia (medical)
HHHigh Hurdles (track and field)
HHHonor Harrington (Honor Harrington science fiction novels)
HHHappy Hunting
HHHigh Honors
HHHeil Hitler
HHHögskolan I Halmstad (Halmstad University, Sweden)
HHHereditary Hemochromatosis
HHHenry Hudson (explorer)
HHHeavily Hinged (philatelic auction term)
HHHon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd
HHHodgkin-Huxley (mathematics)
HHHelen Hayes
HHHoly Hell (band)
HHCoast Guard Helicopter
HHHypogonadotropic Hypogonadism
HHHead Honcho
HHHi Honey
HHHawthorne Heights (band)
HHHarbor Hills
HHHenderson Hall
HHHardcore Holly (pro-wrestler)
HHHershey's Hugs (chocolate candy)
HHHanseatic City of Hamburg (Hansestadt Hamburg, German City)
HHHealth for Humanity (National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States)
HHHelp Haiti
HHHypothalamic Hamartoma
HHHalf-Half (scheduling scheme)
HHHabbo Hotel (online chat)
HHHostile Hospital (Lemony Snicket)
HHHardcore Hell (pro wrestling)
HHHypothalamic Hypogonadism
HHHoosier Healthwise (Indiana state-sponsored health care program)
HHHoosier Hospitality
HHHatboro Horsham (Senior High School, Horsham, PA)
HHHalf Hard
HHHamilton Heights (High School)
HHHalton Hills
HHHoward Hewett (musician)
HHHorizontal Hostility (workplace behavior)
HHHeads-Heads (possible outcome for flipping a coin twice)
HHHentai Heaven (anime)
HHHer Holiness
HHHorizontal Transmit, Horizontal Receive (polarization)
HHHamerschlag Hall (Carnegie Mellon University)
HHHershey Highway (Route 322, Dauphin County, PA)
HHHello Handsome
HHHollywood Hijinx (Commodore 64 game)
HHHinging Hyperplanes
HHHorizontal, Horizontal Polarization
HHHigginson Hall (WWU)
HHHanger Height (flange)
HHHyperbolic Horn
HHHeat Homing
HHHEED (Health, Education and Economic Development) Handicraft (Bangladesh)
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What additional insured coverage applies once there is an otherwise enforceable hold harmless and indemnity agreement hinges on what the additional insured endorsements say.
As a result of the BAPCPA, debts and obligations that have been held to no longer be dischargeable simply by virtue of the debts arising out of a divorce proceeding include, but are certainly not limited to, property equalization and equitable distribution payments, (17) lump sum distributions and payments, (18) credit card and charge account obligations, (19) mortgage and HELOC payments, (20) homeowner's association dues, (21) income tax obligations, (22) automobile loan payments, (23) indemnification and hold harmless obligations, (24) medical bills, (25) attorneys' fee obligations between the spouses incurred in matters unrelated to the divorce, (26) and sanctions awarded for contemptuous conduct.
A hold harmless agreement is a common type of insured contract.
(13) Furthermore, the court noted the "hold harmless" clause in the contract and held that only "highly unusual facts" would allow it to impose costs on Dow.
Vendor agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the association and its officers, directors, employees, members, volunteers, agents, successors, and assigns, from any and all losses, claims, demands, suits, costs, expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) of whatever nature and description arising from or in connection with Vendor's breach of this contract, or Vendor's negligence or willful misconduct, or a third-party claim arising out of Vendor's performance under this contract."
DPM recommends that all future roof contracts involving torched down roof systems require a hold harmless clause from the contractor if he or his propane supplier has an accident on the premises of the co-op or condo while delivering the propane canisters.
With the target's tax risks generally transferred to the acquirer, the purchaser needs to ensure that all critical matters are covered appropriately by guarantees or "hold harmless" clauses in the purchase agreement.
Perhaps some of that legal genius can be focused on the development of a "hold harmless" approach to regulation.
Most HMO contracts include hold harmless and indemnification clauses.
Since CERCLA was enacted, the majority of courts to consider the question have given effect to indemnification and hold harmless agreements allocating responsibility for the cleanup of hazardous substances.
* A health care related tax is not considered to be uniformly imposed if the tax provides for any credits, exclusions, or deductions that return to providers all or a portion of the tax paid in a manner that: precludes the net impact of the tax from being generally redistributive; creates a direct correlation between the amount of the tax and Medicaid payments for items or services with respect to which the tax is imposed; or provides for a hold harmless provision (described later).