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An important consideration to the holding period return is the time horizon of the return, short-term versus long-term (where short-term and long-term are usually considered, respectively, quarterly [or annual] and at least 5-year periods).
Ret(-12:-2) Stock holding period return from t-12 to t-2 months.
In Equation (3), [r.sub.it] is the holding period return to stock i in period t, [r.sup.I.sub.i] is the return to a broader index of stocks (e.g., the Standard and Poor's 500 Index if stock i is listed on the NYSE), and [D.sub.s] is a sequence of dummy variables for a period surrounding the event.
To this end, the 3-month lagged annual holding period return is replaced by eight quarterly holding period returns, just as it was in the previous sample.
For individual securities, the value inside the braces of Equation 7 computes the correct value-weighted mean holding period return for the asset i.
Ri(t) = MVi(t+1) + Ci(t)/MVi(t) + 1i(t) - 1 where Ri(t) is the holding period return for the ith property in the tth period; MVi(t) and MVi(t+1) are beginning-of-period and end-of-period market value; Ci(t) is the cash flow earned by the property in period t; and 1i(t) is any change in cash investment that occurred in period t.
The long-term holding period return (for example, 5-year increments) should be investigated to compare the short- versus long-term impacts of revenue momentum on firm performance and the maximization of shareholder wealth which in turn could improve the balance of short- and long-term portfolios for maximizing shareholder wealth
Over the 24 month postperiod, Nike's holding period return is 12.2% and 3M's holding period return is 18.7%.
Romer calculated a holding period return to capture the wealth effect and a measure of stock price volatility to capture the uncertainty effect, and included these independent variables in an equation explaining consumer durable production.
In the Janda cases, Wahlgren used the following variables in the QMDM model: a 9.12% growth rate, a zero percent distribution yield, a holding period of 10 years, and a required holding period return of 21.47%.
The portfolio approach gives an idea of the risk-adjusted holding period return for an equally weighted investment in all shareholder-proposing firms for the period between the two event dates.