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HBWCHollow Base Wadcutter (cast bullet type)
HBWCHighland Business Women's Club (Inverness, Scotland, UK)
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This load from Federal harkens to the old hollow base wadcutter loaded backwards.
The skirt of the hollow base wadcutter very effectively seals the chamber, and my experience tells me this long jump matters not at all.
Years ago, handloaders seated hollow base wadcutters backwards in the belief--which was completely wrong by the way--that the huge hole ensured expansion.
I tried four different kinds of ammo in the Rossi Model 851--Federal 158-grain SWC, Norma 148-grain lead wadcutter, CCI 148-grain hollow base wadcutter and Winchester 110-grain Silvertip.
38 hollow base wadcutter at about 750 fps was introduced to enhance accuracy and cut clean holes in paper to gain a competitor a point or two over a round nose slug that may not have "cut the line" of a bullseye target.
hollow base wadcutter just like the factories used in their match amino.
I load swaged lead hollow base wadcutters over 10 grains of Hodgdon's Triple-Seven FFFg grade.
Later I found the factory, soft-swaged hollow base wadcutters loaded backwards gave even more satisfactory results.