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HBPTHollow Point Boattail (bullet)
HBPTHistamine Bronchial Provocation Test
HBPTHamster Buccal Pouch Tissue
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Unlike previous military match loads, the M852 was topped with a commercial 168-grain Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point Boattail (HPBT).
Whether this is true or not, the two loads sent to us for test and evaluation were loaded with the following projectiles: the 165-grain Sierra SBT GameKing, with a mu77.1e velocity of 2839 fps, is a boattail design intended for long-range hunting; and the 168-grain Sierra HPBT (Hollow Point Boattail), with a muzzle velocity of 2755 fps, is most often used for competition shooting.
The intermediate-weight 140-grain bullets, such as Hornady's InterLock Boattail Soft Point and Sierra's Hollow Point Boattail, offer good versatility for a variety of game, and both shot well with W-780 and Reloder 25.
Comparison of Sierra Bullets at 400 Yards Velocity Energy Wind Drift Trajectory Sierra Bullet (fps) (ft.-lbs.) (in.) (in.) Hollow Point Boattail 1,690 349 27.7 -17.7 Spitzer Boattail 2,068 522 19.0 -13.8 BlitzKing 2,140 559 17.4 -13.1 * all bullets are .22 caliber, 55 grain * 3,600 fps muzzle velocity * 400-yard distance comparison * 50-yard zero for each bullet
These are all hand inspected, hollow point boattail projectiles.
Winchester's new 53-grain load led the pack with an average of 1.37-inches while the Federal 55-grain hollow point boattail load and the 55-grain full-jacketed load from Frontier followed close behind.