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The cut-off wavenumbers, the cut-off frequencies, and the associated families of the first fifty modes in a hollow waveguide of side e = 1 cm are given in Table 1.
This characteristic may be contrasted with that of a circular cylindrical hollow waveguide for which the azimuthal mode number m [member of] [N.sub.0].
In addition, a low cost metal-based symmetrical coupling-ratio Y-branch POF coupler constructed using hollow waveguide taper structure has also been developed by us which provided an excess loss of 5 dB [5].
To carry out remote low-radiometry of surface and bulk temperature in the polymer processing industry, we devised a radiometric unit based on the employment of a dielectric-coated silver hollow waveguide (10, 11).
A Gunn diode packaged in a custom-made case, given for a pulsed bias current of 4 A, a pulsed bias voltage of 45 V and a pulsed output power of 5 W or greater between 5 and 8 GHz when tested in a hollow waveguide structure, was used.
A tunnel is often modeled as a hollow waveguide surrounded by dielectric media.
A review of the hollow waveguide technology [1,2] and a review of IR transmitting, hollow waveguides, fibers and integrated optics [3] were published.
Of practical interest is the determination of the attenuation constant of the mode transforming into the ([TE.sub.10]) mode of the hollow waveguide [Mathematical Expression Omitted] as W [Mathematical Expression Omitted].
The characteristics of electric and magnetic resonators are analyzed in a metallic hollow waveguide, and the superscattering property is discussed in detail.
The case [sigma] = 0 corresponds to the hollow waveguide studied in [18].
Abstract--We report on experimental and numerical studies on the coupling effect of a single split ring resonator (SRR) and its mirror image inside an X-band hollow waveguide. It is shown that, for single SRR with gap bearing side perpendicular to E field, the magnetic resonance exhibits red/blue shift as SRR moves to the gap facing/backing waveguide edge, due to the capacitance and magnetic dipoles coupling effect between original SRR and its mirror image, respectively.