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HDSHTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Dynamic Streaming
HDSHitachi Data Systems
HDSHoja de Datos de Seguridad (Spanish: Safety Data Sheet)
HDSHistoires de Sexe (French: Sex Stories)
HDSHarvard Divinity School
HDSHrvatsko Drustvo Skladatelja (Croatian: Croatian Composers' Society)
HDSHelp Desk Support (information technology)
HDSHarmonic Drive Systems (Japan)
HDSHonda Diagnostic System
HDSHigh Definition Surround
HDSHitachi Deskstar Standard
HDSHitachi Data Storage
HDSHistorical Data Server
HDSHealthcare Documentation Specialist (medical transcriptionist)
HDSHydrodesulfurization (petroleum industry)
HDSHistory Data Service
HDSHéroes del Silencio (rock group)
HDSHigh Definition Scanning (3-dimensional laser scanning)
HDSHistorical Diving Society
HDSHigh Definition Systems
HDSHealth Delivery System (various organizations)
HDSHigh Definition Sound
HDSHemodynamic Stability (blood flow)
HDSHolographic Data Storage
HDSHalf Day Sightseeing (tours)
HDSHerbal Dietary Supplement
HDSHead of Democratic Services (UK)
HDSHemodynamically Stable
HDSHamilton Depression Scale
HDSHitachi Data Systems Solutions
HDSHazardous Devices School
HDSHarry Dean Stanton (actor)
HDSHousing Dining Services (various schools)
HDSHistorical Data Server (Cisco)
HDSHarvard Design School
HDSHighly Dispersible Silica
HDSHardware Design Specification
HDSHierarchic Dementia Scale
HDSHydrostatic Design Stress
HDSHybrid Dynamical System
HDSHis Divine Shadow (LEXX series TV)
HDSHachette Distribution Service (Lagardère SA)
HDSHealth and Diet Survey
HDSHarbor Day School (Corona del Mar, CA)
HDSHard Disk Subsystem
HDSHardware Diagnostic Suite
HDSHybrid Dynamic Simulator
HDSHalon Distribution System
HDSHierarchical Design System
HDSHybrid Decision Support
HDSHeteroschedastic Database System
HDSHigh Day Service Hour
HDSHuman Designed Systems, Incorporated
HDSHome Delivered Service (various companies)
HDSHome Digital Solutions (various companies)
HDSHead of Defence Sales (UK Ministry of Defence; now Head of Defence Export Sales)
HDSHigh Frequency Directional Finding Subsystem
HDSHigh-Speed Digital Switch
HDSHartley Data Service, Inc. (Glenview, IL)
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The dream of holographic data storage goes back decades and was paraded as the next big data storage medium because of the prospect of higher data storage capacities that were impossible on magnetic media, and which were also much greater than the capacities of optical media (CD-ROM and DVDs at the time).
For holographic data storage applications, the composite morphology after microphase separation should remain unchanged during melting and recrystallization of the dispersed particles.
Belendez, "Biophotopol: a sustainable photopolymer for holographic data storage applications," Materials, vol.
O'Neill, "Optimized holographic data storage: diffusion and randomization," Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics, vol.
Through this demonstration of the holographic data storage characteristics, we confirm that the properties of the PMMA/PQ photopolymer were further enhanced in the presence of DMNA (23).
Lucent Technologies has launched InPhase Technologies, a new venture that will develop holographic data storage media and systems.
Here, I emphasize recent experiments and technology demonstrations in digital holographic data storage as part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) photorefractive information storage materials consortium (PRISM) and the Holographic Data Storage System consortium (HDSS).
Imagine a full-length feature film stored on a crystal the size of a sugar cube - IBM's Holographic Data Storage System programme, five years old, $32 million dollars poorer, in collaboration with Kodak, Rockwell and GTE is way down the track of making this a reality.
Holographic data storage could thus lead to denser computer memories.
Nanotech, Holostik and Kumbhat sign distribution agreements for India; variable holographic numbering for Mexico's tax stamps; holographic data storage on Nanoparticle films; Canada's new $10 note; WayRay expands into China; holographic poetry comes to London; Optaglio protects ID cards and trains the next generation of holographic designers; 25 years of the industry trade body; holographic approach improves head up displays for planes and cars; IHMA to forge closer links with South Korea.
This LCD can be used to design programmable optical elements or in holographic data storage where the LCD allows recording data pages in real time in the holographic recording material.