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HOHigh Output
HOHead Office
HOHonduras (Swan Islands)
HOHome Office
HOHolstein (cattle breed)
HOHomeowners (multiple line insurance policy covering both property and liability for homeowners)
HOHigh Order
HOHold On
HOHold Off
HOHonest Opinion
HOHoger Onderwijs (Dutch)
HOHand Off
HOHammer On (guitar technique)
HOHide Out
HOHearing Officer
HOHeavy Oil
HOHippocratic Oath
HOHydrographic Office
HOHouse Officer
HOHistory Office
HOHarmonic Oscillator
HOHeadquarters Office
HOHeterotopic Ossification (orthopedics)
HOHostilities Only
HOHearing Office (Social Security)
HOHinder Ordonnantie (Indonesian: Hinder Ordinance)
HOHandelsorganisation (GDR trade organization)
HOHumanitarian Operation
HOHeavy Offense (gaming)
HOHand Orthosis
HOHurst Olds (automobile)
HOHospitalisation d'Office (French)
HOHardware Overhead
HOHip Orthosis
HOHip Opener (stretching exercise)
HOHierorts (Austrian German: local or locally)
HOHalf O Scale
HOHeight Obstacle
HOHorizontal Overscan
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After the celebrations Mr Holstein, who served in the Royal Navy 1939-1945, wrote to the captain of the Schleswig Holstein and asked for a sailor's ribbon as a memento.
Conroy says the solution lies not in trying to force large dairy operations to diversify, but getting more people to participate in food production and raise other breeds beside the Holstein. "In my classes, I ask, `How many of you like industrial farming?' And no hands go up.
"For example, the Jersey cow, although smaller than the Holstein, has a larger body surface relative to her body weight, so she can get rid of more body heat when necessary.
The Holstein pot belly results from an additional characteristic of the breed--their height.
In calf cows to PS1450 Montbeliarde (due Jan), PS1250 Holstein Frisian (due Jan).
Holstein Kiel are the top scorers in the Bundesliga 2 but their defence is far from perfect.
It read: "We are appealing for information after 8 in calf Holstein dairy cows were stolen overnight on the 2nd September in the Abermorddu area of Flintshire."
Held in conjunction with the South West Scotland Holstein Club, host for the event will be Mr John Jamieson.
Master Breeder rewards Holstein members whose herds achieve a high standard in both classification and production and therefore breed productive, trouble-free long living cows that display desirable traits and conformation.
For many years, the superiority for milk yield in Holstein breed cows has limited the use of other breeds or crossbreeding in dairy farms worldwide.
FOOTBALL HOLSTEN KIEL v MAGDEBURG 7.30pm HOLSTEIN KIEL are one of the more capable sides in Bundesliga 2 and they can move up the table by beating Magdeburg at the Holstein-Stadion tonight, writes Dan Williams.
A past president of the Holstein Association, Mr Wilson received the award for his lifetime's commitment to the dairy industry and his breeding success.