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HOLY BIBLEHe Only Left You Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
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The Holy Bible does not attempt to prove the existence of God; and
For me, Be Pure, Be Vigilant, Behave is a document that I hope conveys the intelligence, the energy, the art and the craft that went in to making The Holy Bible shows so extraordinary and how vital and necessary the Manic Street Preachers still are in the current musical landscape.
Those attending will discern that trusting the Holy Bible can help them take wise decisions, improve their family life, strengthen their personal relationship with God and find true happiness.
At the inauguration ceremony, the minister for Information and Broadcasting, Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin said the society will have full government support to facilitate the translation and dissemination of Holy Bible across the country.
The Holy Bible is a history book of God the Father's dealings with the chosen people, namely the Israelities.
In these days of often bitter conflict among Muslims, Christians and Jews, one University of Toronto scholar is exploring fresh evidence of the cultural bond among these three religions: little-known medieval translations of the Holy Bible into Arabic.
James Frey's new novel, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible, has been accused of being deliberately controversial - partly due to the fact that it is due to be published in the UK on Good Friday.
Mr Potts quotes from the holy Koran, but the holy Bible and Jesus Christ teaches of peace and tolerance among all men.
Patricia Dutcher-Walls' excellent introduction in the June 2009 Record, How to Read the Holy Bible, is available on our website.
There was that moment when Richey went missing and we'd just had a really good reaction from college radio and the American record company on Holy Bible, kinda like, 'Oh, maybe we do get this band
King Solomon, according to the Holy Bible, ruled that "to spare the rod is to spoil the child".
New inspiration can be drawn from the most inspiring book of all time--the Holy Bible.