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HRCCHeights-Hillcrest Regional Chamber of Commerce (Cleveland Heights, OH)
HRCCHuman Rights Consultative Committee (Malawi)
HRCCHouse Republican Campaign Committee
HRCCHorsham Rural City Council (Australia)
HRCCHampton Roads Convention Center (Virginia)
HRCCHamilton Regional Cancer Centre (Canada)
HRCCHuman Resources Centre of Canada
HRCCHoly Roman Catholic Church
HRCCHotel Roanoke and Conference Center (Virginia)
HRCCHunterdon Regional Cancer Center (New Jersey)
HRCCHighlands Ranch Cycling Club (Colorado)
HRCCHatchet Rydas Car Club
HRCCHuntington Regional Chamber of Commerce (West Virginia)
HRCCHawaiian Reformed Catholic Church
HRCCHolbrook Ranch Computing Center
HRCCHampton Roads Camaro Club (Virginia)
HRCCHigh Ratio Compact Chamber (engine combustion chamber)
HRCCHog River Canoe Club
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And yet, on the faith of an honest man, I never spoke ill of any enchanter, and I am not so well off that I am to be envied; to be sure, I am rather sly, and I have a certain spice of the rogue in me; but all is covered by the great cloak of my simplicity, always natural and never acted; and if I had no other merit save that I believe, as I always do, firmly and truly in God, and all the holy Roman Catholic Church holds and believes, and that I am a mortal enemy of the Jews, the historians ought to have mercy on me and treat me well in their writings.
The Holy Roman Catholic Church gives to women the vivifying waters of Baptism, the effective forgiveness of sins, and the real Body and Blood of Christ, to name but a few gifts.
We hope that his removal marks the Vatican's return to pre-Vatican II sanity in the Holy Roman Catholic church and trust that the Jesuits will help fight the moves to modernize our beloved religion into something acceptable to anyone and everyone.
Let us return once again to the language of the Holy Roman Catholic Church so that we may again fill our churches and join together in one voice to declare--Domine, non sum dignus.