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HoMAIHologram Manufacturers Association of India
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New Delhi [India], December 9 ( ANI ): Search engine giant, Google, paid homage to India's first woman photojournalist, Homai Vyarawalla, on Saturday with a doodle on her 104th birth anniversary.
Pradip Shroff, former president of HOMAI, said: " The fact is that security holograms work as an authentication partner to drug companies.
She is Homai Vyarawalla, India's first woman press photographer.
In the afternoon symposia topics included traditional and customary practices and research and practice, women's sexual and familial health, plants, storytelling and singing for healing, contemporary indigenous health policy issues, and a workshop delivered by Homai, Hoatu Traditional Health and Healing Practices by Iwi, Hapu, and Whanau-Based Practitioners.
HAVENDO homai (sic) finito il primo volume, nel quale si contengono le imagini de morti, che furono letterati, & essendo peruenuto assai felicemente al secondo, che sara de viui; & sia di molto maggiore importanza, & grauezza pe'l periglio della censura loro, alla quale mi conuerra stare (.
Art Auction (Calligraphy and Painting) in Memory of Parviz Homai December 6, 12:30 p.
In a sermon from 1539, Cornelio Musso laments the spread of heresy through preaching: "pur e nel mondo, ove si nomina Christo, che quasi per tutto si predicano l'heresie, che in vece di grano si semina loglio: che molti falsi predicatori homai communemente son fatti seduttori": Cornelio Musso, I tre libri delle prediche II:3, 121-122.
The images of these decisive events taken by photographers Homai Vyarawalla and P.
Instead, almost all Kanaka Maoli I saw chanted "E Homai," asking for our ancestors' wisdom, "I Ku Mau Mau," to gather together for the long haul, and our prophecy chant, declaring that that which is below shall soon be on top.
Kapila Vatsyayan (Art), Homai Vyarawalla (Art), A Nageshwara Rao (Art), Parasaran Kesava Iyengar ( Pulic Affairs), Dr.