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HADHIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Associated Dementia
HADHospitalisation à Domicile (French: Home Hospitalization)
HADHome Affairs Department (Hong Kong)
HADHole Accumulation Diode (Sony)
HADHole Accumulated Diode (Sony)
HADHuman Adenovirus (pathogen)
HADHumanitarian Aid & Development (various locations)
HADHearing Aid Dispenser
HADHole Accumulation Diode
HAD3-Hydroxyacyl-CoA Dehydrogenase (deficiency)
HADHarrow Association of Disabled (UK)
HADHealth Assessment Document
HADHemadsorption (laboratory virus testing)
HADHuman Adjuvant Disease
HADAtlantic Haddock
HADHospital Anxiety Depression
HADHomeland Air Defense
HADHardware Data Acquisition
HADHubble Data Archive
HADHeadbangers Against Disco
HADHalmstad, Sweden - Halmstad (Airport Code)
HADHeinemann Australian Dictionary
HADHigh Availability Device
HADHeat Activated Device
HADHigh Aluminum Defect
HADHarness Assembly Drawing (electrical wire assembly drawing for manufacturing of cable harness assemblies)
HADHeat Acquisition Devices
HADHorizontal Acoustic Depiction
HADHeated Air Ducting
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The courts heard that in June 2014 and August last year, officers of the Office of the Licensing Authority (OLA), the Home Affairs Department, inspected two suspected unlicensed guesthouses on Chatham Road South in Tsim Sha Tsui and Gillies Avenue South in Hung Hom.
In September 2009, he was elected to replace Pascal Couchepin, the former chief of the Home Affairs department.
According to the Daily Express News, the Home Affairs Department said that the plans to flood Kent and Essex could cause hundreds of casualties and an estimated loss of more than 250 million pounds.
This will help the border guards of the Schengen countries to verify that a person presenting a visa is its rightful holder," an official of Home Affairs Department of the European Commission said from Brussels.
She is held in high regard back home mainly due to her relative lack of controversy and to the high esteem in which she is held in the country for the progressive changes she brought to the government departments she headed, especially the manner in which she turned around the Home Affairs department, which was riddled with many problems, including corruption and incompetencies.
The embassy wants to take the sailors back but the Indian home affairs department is not allowing me to go out of Delhi range.
This resulted in a pilot scheme implemented in 2008 by the Home Affairs Department in which selected cleaning-service contracts of various government departments covering all eighteen districts in Hong Kong were reserved for priority bidding by SEs.
EDIRNE, Jan 14, 2011 (TUR) -- The head of European Commission's Home Affairs department held a series of talks at the Turkish-Greek border on Friday as part of the measures to be taken to block the flow of illegal migrants into Europe via the border.
Cricket South Africa had already secured agreement from the country's Home Affairs department to speed up the process of issuing visas to more than 1,000 people in the event that the IPL opted for the Republic.
Home Affairs Department Permanent Secretary Carrie Yau told reporters the troubles that the torch relay has faced elsewhere in the world were not a factor in the Hong Kong government's decision to shorten the route from 33 kilometers to 26 km.
As I will argue, the state's adoption of these measures to give practical implementation to the Refugees Act, coupled to the historical tendency of the Home Affairs Department to neglect its Refugee Affairs section and facilitate access to the asylum procedure, largely set the stage for the reproduction of the state of internal exclusion that asylum seekers and refugees have to endure while in South Africa despite progressive legal protections.
However, they were unable to register their marriage with the Home Affairs department.
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