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HASCHouse Armed Services Committee
HASCHuman Adipose-Derived Stem Cell
HASCHospital Association of Southern California
HASCHealth and Social Care (UK)
HASCHebrew Academy for Special Children
HASCHome Affairs Select Committee (UK)
HASCHospital Ambulatory Surgical Center (Texas Medicaid)
HASCHouston Area Safety Council (Deer Park, TX)
HASCHuman Activity Sensing Consortium (Japan)
HASCHierarchical Administrative Subdivision Codes (international post codes)
HASCHead and Spinal Cord
HASCHistorical Automobile Society of Canada
HASCHyundai Authorized Service Center
HASCHit Avoidance System Controller
HASCHigh Adaptability Surface Combatant (Ship)
HASCHouse Appropriations Sub-Committee
HASCHigh Availability Service Contract (Dialogic)
HASCHoylake Amateur Swimming Club (UK)
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The Sunday Mirror exposed how he used rent boys while presiding over prostitution law reform as then Home Affairs Select Committee chair.
We told how Labour MP Vaz, a married father of two, was using rent boys while presiding over prostitution law reform as then chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee.
The former chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee made the assessment after leaked documents claimed the social networking giant instructs its moderators only to remove certain threats of violence, but not some references to child abuse.
The Home Affairs Select Committee probe found Corbyn has failed to provide "consistent leadership" in tackling anti-Semitism within the Labour ranks.
During a session of Home Affairs Select Committee, she asked why legal action was not taken against the MQM leader?
He said: "It is in the best interest of the Home Affairs Select Committee that its important work can be conducted without any distractions whatsoever.
At this time I do not want there to be any distraction from the important work the Home Affairs Select Committee undertakes so well.
In a letter to the Home Affairs Select Committee, he said: "As with all investigations, the length of the enquiry will usually be commensurate with the complexity, seriousness and volume of allegations.
Stuart Monk, owner and managing director of Stocktonbased Jomast, was quizzed by MPs at the Home Affairs Select Committee in Parliament yesterday after the row over the colour of doors on asylum seekers' homes in Middlesbrough erupted last week.
The three girls paid more than PS1,000 in cash to a travel agent for their flights to Turkey, the Home Affairs Select Committee heard.
THE Passport Office is "profiting from the public's hardship" by making a surplus of almost PS13 on each application and should use the money to deal with the delays blighting Britons' holiday plans, Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz said.
The Home Affairs Select Committee report also said the UKBA had a backlog of 432,029 immigration and asylum cases when it was scrapped at the end of March, which at current levels will take five years to clear.
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