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The same litany of nicely reasoned tactical features will serve you well if your office is a squad car or you just covet the world's best home defense gun. The FN 509 Tactical is the end result of generations of small arms evolution and it really is everything you could want in a modern combat handgun.
By contrast, your everyday carry gun or home defense gun needs to be secured but also easy to access under dire circumstances.
The NAK9 would also make a dandy home defense gun, easier for family members to shoot accurately and easy to handle in confined spaces.
My Glock is my go-to home defense gun and for this reason I want it to be the very best that I can make it.
It was designed as a defensive firearm, and it is my go-to home defense gun. I cannot believe I am alone in having to rely on an antique for home defense.
Some internet commentators have suggested it as a potential home defense gun, but if I'm spending $325 on a near 8-pound gun, it's going to be a pump with a lot more amino capacity.
I can see why the Xtreme is the darling of the Production Division and frankly, also qualifies as a perfectly sound home defense gun too.
It will replace my .40 S&W as my home defense gun as I'm having a lot of trouble racking the .40 with my arthritic hands.
Once I had the prospect's full attention, the fact that a quality-made .44 Magnum revolver started at about $600 back then usually cooled off his original magnum desires but lessened not a whit their desire for a home defense gun. My quick response to their plea was "a pump shotgun." After a few assurances the weapon would be easier to control than a magnum handgun, that one doesn't have to aim but merely point it and that, held properly, would not dislocate or even bruise a shoulder, I'd reach for one of the recommended pieces and racked the action.
Ask any gun store sales guy what does he do when a "Uh, we'd like to look at a home defense gun but we don't know anything about guns" customer comes in.
Here's some helpful advice: Patrick, the chances of someone breaking into your house are so small anyway, especially living in Communist Utopia of Ann Arbor, Mich., why even have a home defense gun? The government will protect you.