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HFNHappy for Now
HFNHome Furnishings News (magazine; New York)
HFNHyper Frame Number
HFNHuu-Ay-Aht First Nations (Canada)
HFNHonor Flight Network (est. 2005; Springfield, OH)
HFNHastily Formed Network (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA)
HFNHerb Folks Nation
HFNHuman-Friendly Naming
HFNHomebuilders Financial Network (Miami Lakes, FL)
HFNHands, Feet & Nails (Fort Collins, CO)
HFNHuman Factors North, Inc.
HFNHealing for the Nations (Marietta, GA)
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Retailer apps are used for Access to special sales/promotions/coupons 84% Buying products 80% Loyalty program participation 58% Customer service 34% Social media engagement 25% Other* 2% * INCLUDES BROWSING AND CUSTOMER REVIEWS The median amount spent on home furnishings in the last 12 months YOUNGER OLDER MILLENNIALS MILLENNIALS (ages 21-29) (ages 30-36) Indoor home furnishings $550 $600 Outdoor home furnishings $200 $200 The median amount Millennials plan to spend in the next 12 months YOUNGER OLDER MILLENNIALS MILLENNIALS (ages 21-29) (ages 30-36) Indoor home furnishings $700 $500 Outdoor home furnishings $300 $300 SOURCE: PBM STRATEGIC INSIGHTS, JUNE 2017 HOME FURNISHINGS NEWS STUDY
Carol Tisch, founding editor of the national magazine Shelter and former editor in chief of Home Furnishings News, is style editor for Sarasota Magazine.
NEW YORK -- Home Furnishings News has been acquired by Macfadden Communications Group, which publishes a number of business-to-business publications.
Delman was most recently market manager of Home Furnishings News, with responsibility for marketing, advertising sales and management of the tabletop section.
Census Bureau, Bride's Magazine, USA Today, Diamond Marketing Group, Greenfield online, Time, Retail Merchandiser, American Demographics, Home Furnishings News, National Bridal Service, The Wall Street Journal, all cited by Wedding Hawaii.
It has done so under a variety of names: Retailing, Retailing Home Furnishings, Retailing Daily, Home Furnishings Daily, HFD-Retailing Home Furnishings and now Home Furnishings News, or HFN to its friends.
HFD-Retailing Home Furnishings -- a mouthful even if it was more reflective of the publication's content -- was the working title through much of the 1980s and into the mid-1990s, when the D was replaced with an N, now signifying Home Furnishings News.