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The program is about improving learning outcomes for families that need additional support, by fostering quality parent-child connections and making the most of the home learning environment.
Research showed that the home learning environment powerfully shapes children's language and cognitive development.
Frank Field's 2010 report, "The Foundation Years: Preventing poor children becoming poor adults", highlighted interventions which can equalise the life chances of poor children before they reach school: the mental health of the mother, the bond between mother and child and the home learning environment are more powerful than the impact of income and class.
Ann-Marie added: "We need to have aspiration for our children and things like Bounce and Rhyme help to give parents the skills to take home and nourish a home learning environment which is probably even more important than the schools environment.
Through their connections with expanded learning opportunities, parents also broaden their own networks of social support and gain access to a variety of resources that ultimately strengthen the home learning environment.
Such motivation, which was evident in their home learning environment, continued as a characteristic of the children's engagement with school throughout the year.
Differences in the childrens home learning environment predicted their readiness to start school.
ATTENTION PARENTS of fast-growing and -learning toddlers: implementing a structured home learning environment for children ages one to five can be beneficial in preparing them for the jump to preschool or kindergarten and helping you better manage your days together.
Another predictor of success in education is the quality of the home learning environment.
Mary MacLeod, the Family and Parenting Institute's chief executive, said: "A strong home learning environment will give a child lifelong benefits.
She said the home learning environment ``is a little home academy``We use homes for things like Tupperware parties, Ann Summers and Avon parties but very rarely for learning purposes.
Results of research for the Education Department published last month shows that the home learning environment has an enormous effect on children's achievement.