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A lender must verify a borrower's self-reported income and consider his or her ability to repay under the anti-flipping provision of the New Mexico Home Loan Protection Act.
The Arkansas Home Loan Protection Act, which went into effect in July 2003, protects borrowers from high points and mortgage fees from loans based on equity, rather than the borrowers ability to pay.
3989, referred to as the Tennessee Home Loan Protection Act of 2006; and on July 11, 2006, Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri signed the Rhode Island Home Loan Protection Act, S.
The provision in New Mexico's Home Loan Protection Act permitting a borrower to assert all affirmative claims and defenses against a creditor or holder of a home loan that the borrower has against a manufactured home seller or home-improvement contractor was recently repealed.
City Council enacted the Home Loan Protection Act of 2002.
The "Florida Home Loan Protection Act," introduced by State Senator Kendrick Meek (D-Miami) and state Representative Dorothy Bendross-Mindinghall (D-Miami) in January, differentiates between "home loans" and "high-cost home loans," and applies various restrictions to both categories.