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HOMERFHome Radio Frequency
HOMERFHome Radio Frequency (wireless technology)
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Under the programme second-generation products that are based on the open HomeRF 2.0 specification can receive certification from the Group.
Two other competitors are HomeRF and a wireless Ethernet standard known as 802.11.
By adding Mac OS support to its Symphony PC card - part of Proxim's Symphony-HRF wirefree home networking suite - the company now offers interoperability with a range of products and services based on the HomeRF wireless home networking standard to users of Macintosh PowerBook computers.
There are two competing standards for wireless: IEEE 80.2IIB from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (www.ieee.org) and Shared Wireless Access Protocol (SWAP), which is sponsored by the HomeRF Working Group (www.homerf.org).
In a decision expected to have far-reaching consequences for the burgeoning home networking market, the FCC ruled in late August that HomeRF OEMs can increase device throughput speeds five-fold, from 2Mbps to 10Mbps.
Industry consortia, such as Bluetooth and HomeRF, are already designing standards for wireless networks of embedded devices.
"The HomeRF standard is an open specification supported by more than [one hundred] member companies to deliver a broad spectrum of affordable, interoperable consumer devices capable of both toll-quality voice and high-speed data networking."(42)
Diablo engineers have worked with all of the home networking protocols, including HomeRF, HomePNA, MediaWire, Ethernet and several powerline carrier protocols.
Motorola Inc has agreed to acquire a majority interest in Danish Bluetooth pioneer Digianswer A/S from Olicom A/S, as part of its strategy to develop Bluetooth and HomeRF wireless products.