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HOHigh Output
HOHead Office
HOHonduras (Swan Islands)
HOHome Office
HOHolstein (cattle breed)
HOHomeowners (multiple line insurance policy covering both property and liability for homeowners)
HOHigh Order
HOHold On
HOHold Off
HOHoger Onderwijs (Dutch)
HOHand Off
HOHammer On (guitar technique)
HOHide Out
HOHearing Officer
HOHeavy Oil
HOHippocratic Oath
HOHydrographic Office
HOHouse Officer
HOHistory Office
HOHarmonic Oscillator
HOHeadquarters Office
HOHeterotopic Ossification (orthopedics)
HOHearing Office (Social Security)
HOHandelsorganisation (GDR trade organization)
HOHumanitarian Operation
HOHeavy Offense (gaming)
HOHand Orthosis
HOHurst Olds (automobile)
HOHospitalisation d'Office (French)
HOHardware Overhead
HOHip Orthosis
HOHip Opener (stretching exercise)
HOHierorts (Austrian German: local or locally)
HOHalf O Scale
HOHeight Obstacle
HOHorizontal Overscan
HOHinder Ordonnantie (Indonesian: Hinder Ordinance)
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This bill was introduced in July 2002 and, had it passed, would have mandated indoor mold health research, established exposure limits and standards for mold remediation, and set up a national mold insurance program administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assist homeowners with costs.
In those cases, Smalley recommends homeowners introduce the association to the movement already in progress.
Four years later, however, the federal government has brought suit against the homeowners.
Nor is the interest deductible by most homeowners, who typically report on the cash basis and accordingly have no deductions until the entire loan is repaid.
As noted earlier, homeowners who expect to move very soon would probably not benefit from refinancing.
Especially modest given that during the Reagan years, the homeowner tax break was the only housing subsidy that did not fall to the budget axe.
com also offers tips and tricks for homeowners to help prevent termites from invading their homes, including some that homeowners may not normally think of.
The Homeowners Consumer Center is urging siding, roofing, or window contractors, or Illinois real estate agents to tell their clients about this initiative, if they believe a low ball insurance settlement has happened to one of their clients.
Rebuilding: Nearly three in 10 homeowners are not sure whether their policy will cover the replacement cost of rebuilding if their home is damaged.
In addition to the property taxes gained from new home purchases and new homeowners, the additional real estate transactions would increase state revenue by re-evaluating property taxes.
Reverse mortgages allow homeowners age 62 and older to borrow against the value of their homes without selling the homes.
Now with new functionalities designed to integrate Home Concierge with popular calendar, email and PDA programs, it's even easier for homeowners to manage their household and organize their time and activities.
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