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HOHigh Output
HOHead Office
HOHonduras (Swan Islands)
HOHome Office
HOHolstein (cattle breed)
HOHomeowners (multiple line insurance policy covering both property and liability for homeowners)
HOHigh Order
HOHold On
HOHold Off
HOHoger Onderwijs (Dutch)
HOHand Off
HOHammer On (guitar technique)
HOHide Out
HOHearing Officer
HOHeavy Oil
HOHippocratic Oath
HOHydrographic Office
HOHouse Officer
HOHistory Office
HOHarmonic Oscillator
HOHeadquarters Office
HOHeterotopic Ossification (orthopedics)
HOHearing Office (Social Security)
HOHandelsorganisation (GDR trade organization)
HOHumanitarian Operation
HOHeavy Offense (gaming)
HOHand Orthosis
HOHurst Olds (automobile)
HOHospitalisation d'Office (French)
HOHardware Overhead
HOHip Orthosis
HOHip Opener (stretching exercise)
HOHierorts (Austrian German: local or locally)
HOHalf O Scale
HOHeight Obstacle
HOHorizontal Overscan
HOHinder Ordonnantie (Indonesian: Hinder Ordinance)
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Founded: 1907; the company has been writing homeowners insurance since 1974.
Meanwhile, in what might be a surprise to some homeowners, an illegal alien injured while trimming your tree would have access to U.
Save for emergencies, Replacing or repairing things in the home can leave homeowners with insufficient funds to make their monthly mortgage payment.
If municipal taxes remain unpaid, these homeowners risk foreclosure on their property within a six-month to two-year timeframe," Viscariello said.
Ballard cautiously praises the availability of different options, but points out that mold coverage may be beyond the reach of many homeowners.
As a writer, Manning publishes articles on the subject of forest fires, and he allows local homeowners to tour his property to see the improvements he's made.
As in Fitzgerald, the homeowners argued that a group home would violate local CC&Rs and were granted a temporary injunction from a state court judge.
The life tenure concept obviously is more attractive to older homeowners because it speaks directly to the biggest emotional obstacle to tapping their homes' equity--a fear of outliving this equity and being forced to leave their homes before they are ready to do so.
To determine the attractiveness of refinancing, homeowners must weigh the prospective aftertax savings from lower interest costs against the costs of the refinancing transaction itself, including any motgage fees (points), application and appraisal fees, and other costs associated with obtaining a new mortgage, as well as any prepayment penalty on the old mortgage.
In other words, our nation's housing subsidies disproportionately benefit homeowners with high incomes or with more than one home.
com has been a leading information source for homeowners about eliminating termite colonies," says Dave Maurer, marketing manager for the Sentricon System.
This was in stark contrast to the 71% who said they want to work closely with an insurance agent when they make decisions about their homeowners coverage.
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