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HADDHomeowners Against Deficient Dwellings
HADDHyperactive Agency Detection Device (cognitive theory of mind)
HADDHydroxyapatite Deposition Disease
HADDHabitat Alteration, Disruption or Destruction
HADDHikers Against Doo-Doo (grass roots organization to eliminate human and domesticated animal feces on hiking trails)
HADDHighest Average Daily Dose
HADDHirst Arts Design Derby (contest)
HADDHippies Against Drunk Driving
HADDhyper attention deficit disorder
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Oklahoma chapter of Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings
The article stated: "The two groups have set their Web sites up as clearinghouses for new-home buyers, offering up industry news, tips for filing a claim against a builder, links and advice for finding trial lawyers, and lurid horror stories/testimonials from disgruntled new-home buyers." The part about "links and advice for finding trial lawyers" implies that Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings (HADD) has a referral list of lawyers, or that it advocates suing.
Based on the research we did for this story, the Web sites with the most impact on the broader industry are the advocacy Web sites run by Missouri-based Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings (HADD), www.hadd.com, and www.hobb.org, the Web site run by San Antonio-based HomeOwners for Better Building (HOBB).
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