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HOVHomogeneity of Variance (business measurement)
HOVHigh Occupancy Vehicle
HOVHeat Of Vaporization
HOVHospital Outpatient Visit
HOVHoogwaardig Openbaar Vervoer (Dutch: High Quality Public Transport)
HOVHaunch of Venison
HOVHeckscher-Ohlin-Vanek (trade model)
HOVHill of Vision
HOVHuman Operated Vehicle
HOVHigh Octane Vehicle (racecar)
HOVHand of Virtue (Everquest gaming)
HOVHeavy Occupancy Vehicle
HOVHeartbreak on Vinyl (Blake Lewis album)
HOVHamburger Omnibus Verein eV (Germany)
HOVHydraulically Operated Valve
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The distribution of data was considered sufficiently normal for t-test (i.e., skewness < |2.0| and kurtosis< |9.0|.17 In addition, the homogeneity of variance was tested with Levene's F-test, and since metaworry lacked homogeneity and created a bias in the parameters, therefore, statistical corrections were applied.
The results of histogram of data of current study depicted the approximate normal distribution (figure 1), whereas the P-P plot displayed a linear relationship (figure 2) and the residual plot presented no set patterns and, therefore, the assumption of homoscedasticity or homogeneity of variance of the effect of instructional leadership was not violated.
Leven1s test for homogeneity of variance has been carried out to assess the homogeneity of variance.
In addition to the aforementioned tests, we conduct the Breusch--Pagan test to check the homogeneity of variance in a linear regression.
Table 10 enlists values of means and standard deviations, test of homogeneity of variance and ANOVA for PsyCap.
Levene's test was used to investigate the homogeneity of variance. Dunnett's T3 and Bonferroni's methods for heterogeneity of variance and post hoc Scheffe's method for homogeneity of variance were performed.
In order to examine the effect of non-normality on F-test robustness, a one-way design with 3 groups and homogeneity of variance was considered.
Repeatability model assuming homogeneity of variance and the equal genetic correlation between lactations.
Levene's test checked the homogeneity of variance. The assumption of homogeneity of variance was not violated where the P-value was >0.05.
It is also seen that the residuals roughly form a horizontal track around the 0 line, implying that there is homogeneity of variance.
Because the number of plants is classified as a discrete quantitative variable, resulting from count data, additivity was tested using the GLM (General Linear Models) procedure, by means of analysis of covariance of the squared predicted values, resulting in p = 0.0596, normality by univariate procedure, with W statistics (ShapiroWilk test), with p = 0.0584 and the homogeneity of variance by Bartlett's test (p = 0.0624).
Primary analysis was performed to make sure there were no violations of the assumptions of normality, linearity, multicollinearity, and homogeneity of variance. Because of the high value of multicollinearity between age and years of practice (0.86), the age was excluded from the model.