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HBVHolz Beton Verbund (German: Wood-Concrete Composite)
HBVHandel Banken und Versicherungen (Labor Union Trading, Banking, Insurance)
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HBVHealth-Based Value (safety measurement)
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HBVHonor-Based Violence (form of domestic violence)
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They cover the child protection process and the family justice system, fact finding, neglect, domestic abuse, trafficking and modern day slavery, child sexual exploitation, forced marriage and honor-based violence, child (political Islamic) radicalization, female genital mutilation, and voice of the child and the child's journey through the family justice system.
The new law includes honor-based violence, female genital mutilation, and forced marriage.
Fear of the Loss of Honour: Implications of Honor-Based Violence for the Development of Youth and Their Families.
Nicole Pope, in her book, "Honor Killings in the Twenty-First Century" explains that there is a rich Turkish vocabulary available to describe the word honor; and she examines honor-based violence, its roots and its evolution, as well as the ongoing struggle to eradicate it in Turkey and in other nations.
The authors (a forensic psychologist from Australia and two police officers from the UK) describe crime types associated with honor-based violence and its impact; related theories; primary and secondary investigation, including issues with specific offense types, the role of family liaison officers, investigation supervision, and the prosecution of offenses; victim risk and community impact assessment; multiagency working; communication strategies; and incidents involving children.
Prosecutor Paul Whittaker paid tribute to Alesha Ahmed for having the courage to give evidence against her parents, and urged victims of honor-based violence to come forward.
Gilligan and Richards see in patriarchal psychology the root of the evils of racism, sexism, and honor-based violence. This psychology, which insists on a status hierarchy and a rigid gender binary, calls for and legitimates traumatic breaks in the bonds of love, exemplified in the epic fates of Dido, Aeneas, Cleopatra, Antony, and Augustus--and the history of Rome.
In cooperation with civil rights groups, the commission raises awareness of womenYs rights and honor-based violence through education, the media, and health and religious institutions.
If Chicagoans could abide honor-based violence, if they maintained a curious reverence for fair fights, and if they even believed that residents assumed certain risks when they ventured in public, local jurors expressed only loathing for killers who struck without giving their victims a fighting chance, particularly when the attackers belonged to the working class and the victims belonged to the middle class.
I spent several years researching honor-based violence, and as any reader of this column knows, I maintain a strong interest in gender issues.