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HVOTHooper Visual Organization Test (neurology)
HVOTHigh Voltage Output Terminal
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(2005) compared individuals' performance on tests that are composed mostly of either low or high spatial-frequency information, such as the Picture Completion subtest of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and the Hooper Visual Organization Test as examples of tests with low spatial-frequency material, and the Visual Scanning, Number Sequencing, and Motor Speed subtests of the Delis Kaplan Executive Function System as examples of tests with high spatial-frequency content.
This pattern correlated negatively with performance on the California Verbal Learning test, Stroop test, digit symbol test, and Hooper Visual Organization test, and positively with the Trail Making test, but not with affect.
Hooper Visual Organization Test. The Hooper Visual Organization Test (24) is a mental assembly task consisting of 30 simple line drawings of common objects, each of which has been cut into pieces and placed randomly on a card.