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Early in The Prisoner of Zenda Rassendyll quips about "this heredity we hear so much about" (Hope 2000, 5), and given the public awareness of the debates and literary references to biological inheritance made by Lee and by Thomas Hardy before her he is certainly not exaggerating.
"Had I realised what a very plainly-written pedigree I carried about with me," Rassendyll complains to the reader, "I should have thought long before I visited Ruritania" (Hope 2000, 19).
Rassendyll's bravery and his sense of honor are also possibly features he has inherited from the Elphbergs: even Rudolf V is described by his own jailer as "a brave man, as are all of his House" (Hope 2000, 93).
Like Rassendyll, Michael is a younger (half) brother, though one who--as Rassendyll clucks--refuses to willingly "take what the elder leaves, and be as thankful to God as he can" (Hope 2000, 13).
"Yes; I was playing a game with a mongrel dog" (I meant to stir him), "and you know, brother, such have uncertain tempers." (Hope 2000, 56)
Together the churches had raised about pounds 55,000 in three years to pay for Hope 2000, a one-off Millennium spectacle.
I HOPE 2000 WILL open the door to an era of positive change for the National Conference of Editorial Writers.
He briefly addressed a crowd of 2,000 in the foyer of the Waterfront Hall, saying: "I hope 2000 goes on being a very happy one over here.
NIGEL Bennett, 26, added: "I hope 2000 is going to be a good year because 1999 wasn't great but all I really want is happiness for my wife and daughter."
The 10th anniversary of the Marian Hour, a weekly one-hour program heard on CKWR 98.5 in Kitchener/Waterloo, ON, was celebrated by a conference entitled "Hope 2000: The Catholic Family in the Third Millennium," May 15 and 16.
'We are going to remain focused on running the business as well as we can and we hope 2000 will be just as good for us as last year.