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HOPEAHighlights of Personal Experience in Agriculture
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Hu and Li (1992) recognized the lowland rain forest below 900 m altitude, including 5 formations, with all types dominated by Vatica and Hopea. Wang and Zhang (2002) reviewed the classification of tropical forest vegetation on Hainan Island and concluded that the tropical forests could be classified into 7 vegetation types, 4 vegetation subtypes, 35 formations, 21 subformations and 109 association groups or associations, among which a tropical seasonal rain forest was recognized.
Changes in germinability and desiccation-sensitivity of recalcitrant Hopea hainanensis Merr.
Derech Hachlama is an outpost of hopea triumph of personal bridge-building that defies polarization among governments.
Effects of irradiance and spectral quality on leaf structure and function in seedlings of two southeast Asian Hopea (Dipterocarpaceae) species.
The ethanol extract of Artemisia asiatica, the methanol extract of Cerbera manghas, and the methanol extract of Hopea odorata also suppress the production of NO, PG[E.sub.2], and TNF-[alpha] in LPS-stimulated macrophages and ameliorate the symptoms of EtOH/HCl-induced gastritis [85-87].
Wan Zurinah, "An evaluation of the anticancer activity in Hopea odorata extracts," Journal of Medicinal Plant Research, vol.
"The objective of the exhibition is to raise awareness inside the industry of the impact and importance of the Geosciences and by inviting students to participate in the event, we hopeA to stimulate more interest in the field and encourage students to consider careers in the Geosciences." said Mr.
"His story is so full of hopea it's such a universal story because cancer is an indiscriminate killer.