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These total distances are of interest because they correspond to the total horizontal distance of each circle from the origin.
Where [Y.sub.ijk] is LMA and BFT of the kth cow at the jth farm within ith location, [LF.sub.ij] is the fixed effect of jth farm within ith location, and HW, HR, WH, GC, and AGE are the covariate terms for height, rump height, the horizontal distance between the top of the hips, chest girth, and age at test, respectively.
Horizontal distance measurements can be performed by using the function of reflectorless distance measurements of total station.
Meanwhile, it can be derived from (23) and (24) that the horizontal distance between the actual cavity and its image is m = 2t, while the vertical distance is n = 0.
Other fixed parameters are the horizontal distance the ball has to cover, around 18-19 metres, the impact of aerodynamic drag per metre travelled, and the Magnus force effect.
horizontal distance to vent 1-1/4" 30 1-1/2" 42" 2 5' 3" 6' 4" 10' Note: A toilet has a built-in trap, so it doesn't need one in the drain Line.
where [F.sub.0,i]--initial nodal load; [H.sub.0]--initial horizontal component of the cable's internal force; [z.sub.0,i-1], [z.sub.0,i], [z.sub.0,i+1]--initial ordinates of the cable nodes; [a.sub.0,i-1], [a.sub.0,i]--initial horizontal distance between the nodes.
* 2000 feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal distance of four nm from the course to be flown when in a designated moun-tainous area, or
By using the Pythagorean theorem, we can calculate the horizontal distance between P1 and P4 (the hypotenuse of this triangle).
At each horizontal distance d, peak spatial-averaged SAR for the whole body was calculated, over 1 g and 10 g.
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