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HSPACEHolographic Space
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With aeroponics, farmers may use vertical and horizontal space to grow more plants using less floor space and conserve water by using sealed aeroponic systems,' she said.
He produced small delicate watercolors of a gentle, brooding quiet-wide expanses of horizontal space peopled by geometric shapes, ice cubes, creatures of wire or weird stones, zigzag ribbons of clouds, obelisks, strange mechanical animals.
While vertical videos on IGTV were all the rage initially, the lack of horizontal space restricted creators from presenting a whole lot visually.
Human behavior is such that many of us work horizontally, the problem being that once all horizontal space is used, the effect is one of counter-productivity.
"The idea is not just to open another vertical checkpoint such as the one in Ledra street, but to create a horizontal space, that is to open Ermou street from the west to the east, thus bringing into existence what used to be in place before the 1960s in the area, a vibrant interaction and trade among Greek and Turkish Cypriots," researcher and peace activist Ayla Gurel told participants at the seminar.
In the horizontal space, the majority of development has been done by the major developers, which is why there has been greater levels of homogeneous developments.
First off, you may be short on horizontal space, but chances are you have some vertical areas you could use with a little creative application.
The plaza will be 150m in diameter, while its horizontal space will be 16,000 sq m in area.
We've all banged our fists down on the desk as we accidentally hit "cut" instead of "copy" in a rush, or felt too lazy to right-click on the mouse because the keyboard is taking up too much horizontal space.
Only a few kilometres up the road, the Hatta Fort Hotel showed our client how it should be done, it's much larger plot boasting a lot more horizontal space (the fruits of blowing up parts of the slope back in the day) on which to provide multiple leisure amenities from shooting to riding.