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HASHTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Adaptive Streaming
HASHARM (High Speed Anti-radiation Missile) as a Sensor
HASHastings (Amtrak station code; Hastings, NE)
HASHouston Airport System
HASHome Automation Systems
HASHeight-Adjustable Stand (product feature)
HASHome and School Association
HASHari AIDS Sedunia (Indonesian: World AIDS Day)
HASHaute Autorité de Santé (French: High Authority for Health)
HASHamilton Anxiety Scale (psychiatry)
HASHealth Advisory Service (US NHS)
HASHuman Activity Systems
HASHospitality and Accommodation Services (various agencies)
HASHighest Average Salary (employee benefits)
HASHawaii Audubon Society (birds)
HASHour Angle of the Sun
HASHill Start Assist
HASHuman Audio Sponge (band)
HASHawaiian Astronomical Society (Honolulu; HI)
HASHumanitarian Air Service (UN)
HASHospital Accreditation Standards
HASHigh Speed Arithmetic (package)
HASHelicopter Antisubmarine Squadron
HASHardened Aircraft Shelter
HASHistidine-Aspartate-Serine (chemistry)
HASHot Air Sauna
HASHoratio Alger Society
HASHit Avoidance System
HASHogere Agrarische School (Netherlands)
HASHigh Availability Subsystem
HASHyper Amorphous Silicon (TFT LCD)
HASHydraulic Actuator System
HASHomeland Air Security
HASHrvatski Atletski Savez (Croatian Athletic Federation)
HASHeartland Apicultural Society
HASHydrometeorological Analysis and Support
HASHCO Area Secretary (Scientology)
HASHanford Analytical Services
HASHealing Arts Society (former group at Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
HASHorticultural Art Society
HASHellenic Actuarial Society
HASHigh Angle Strafe
HASHeaded Anchor Studs (construction)
HASHuman-As-Sensor (military)
HASHigher, Adjacent, Supporting (USMC)
HASHyperion Sensor Assembly
HASHand-Off AT&T Switch
HASHolding Action System
HASHeadquarters Application System
HASHelleniki Aeroporia Stratu (Greek Army)
HASHomatropine 5% Eyedrops (ophthalmology)
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Continuum of Care is a focus method to better assess the patient's hospital course, as documented in the medical record, looking for appropriateness and timeliness of patient care in relation to hospital accreditation standards. CAP tracer methodology was similarly adopted during the same time as The Joint Commission's Continuum of Care.
Foreword, 1997 Hospital Accreditation Standards, JCAHO.
1998 hospital accreditation standards. Oakbrook Terrace, IL: Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (as cited in London, F.
Hospital accreditation standards require that current competency is established as well as ability to perform privileges requested.