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HAPPHost Application
HAPPHousing Assistance Payments Program (various locations)
HAPPHuman Amyloid Precursor Protein
HAPPHydraulically Activated Pipeline Pigging (engineering)
HAPPHuman Amyloid Protein Precursor
HAPPHIV/AIDS Prevention Program (various locations)
HAPPHealth Administration and Policy Program (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
HAPPHeavy Alloy Penetration Project
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The ultra-compact component is optimized for efficiency and simplicity in end-device design, delivering reliable Bluetooth functionalities with robust endpoint security, leveraging the processing power and external Bluetooth stack of the host application processor.
The Dragon-QT processor performs all cryptographic operations without ever exposing the keys to the host application processor.
The company said that the app will give users full access to PCs on which the RemotePC host application is installed.
With snapshot technology, data can be replicated with minimal impact on the host application. Usually, it takes longer for the e-mail application to shut down or the e-mail database to enter some sort of "hot-backup mode" than it takes to perform the snapshot.
Also included in the reference design is a GUI based host application, which displays statistics for all active MGTs and allows selection of specific backplane configurations and test settings.
Software company WRQ Inc has launched version 5.5 of its Verastream integration server, a product that is designed to enable companies to reuse host application logic and data in new web applications.
With sdOffice, now such operations can be performed under program control from a host application using live, in-memory data.
These small footprint Viewers download quickly, dynamically establish host sessions, and can present either native or rejuvenated host application interfaces within supported web browsers.
This tangible output of a host application represents a distribution problem because these reports and documents are almost always time sensitive.
To minimise design-in overhead, the module offers a AT+i SerialNET 'plug and play' operating mode for instant serial to IP bridging, without any need to make changes to the host application.
TEPro-Fx28 is a RISC processor-based System-on- Chip (SoC) with embedded DD-AMPS firmware and host Application Programming Interface (API) that meets the requirements of advanced access systems by offering outstanding functionality and flexibility in a space-saving, cost- effective package.
Also, despite being programmable and customisable, these solutions still require users to have some familiarity with the host application.