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HOSHouston (Amtrak station code; Houston, TX)
HOSHours of Service
HOSHouse of Secrets
HOSHead of Section
HOSHead of Scrutiny (UK)
HOSHolt-Oram Syndrome
HOSHuman Organ Systems (class)
HOSHead of State (political title)
HOSHead of School
HOSHigher Order Statistics
HOSHigh Level Operations Software
HOSHidden Object Scene (gaming)
HOSHealth Outcomes Survey (Medicare survey)
HOSHigher-Order Statistics
HOSHigher Order Surface
HOSHead of Sales (various locations)
HOSHands on Sacramento (California)
HOSHome Orchard Society
HOSHands-On Science (educational program)
HOSHeckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson (economics)
HOSHigh Order Software
HOSHost Operating System
HOSHrvatske Obrambene Snage (Croatian Defence Forces)
HOSHigh Order Shims (imaging)
HOSHigher Order Software
HOSHalls of Stone (World of Warcraft)
HOSHome Of Selection
HOSHuman Operator Simulator
HOSHusband Over Shoulder
HOSHrvatski Odbojkaški Savez (Croatian Volleyball Federation)
HOSHealing Our Spirit (Vancouver, BC)
HOSHead Office System
HOSHome Office Specimen (life/health insurance underwriting)
HOSHardy Orchid Society (UK)
HOSHelicopter Oxygen System
HOSHarnessing of Spirit (gaming)
HOSHoliday Oceanview Samal
HOSHang Off Sub (oilfield)
HOSHighway Operations System
HOSHeavy Oilfield Services (gas compressor)
HOSHorizontal Over Scan (TV)
HOSHelicopter Observation System
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The main drawback of out current piggybacking scheme is that it does not support hardware fault containment, given the monolithic design of the host operating system. While the fault containment experiments described in Section 6 do not use the piggybacking scheme, a solution running one copy of the host operating system per Cellular Disco cell would be possible with appropriate support in the host operating system.
The Executive uses the support services of the host operating system, including timer support, buffer management and process control.
The new exclusive technology from Liquidware Labs solves the issue with layering regarding how applications within the layers interact with each other and the host operating system. To date layering solutions have had hit and miss packaging when it comes to applications that may have conflicts, such as trying to use the same .dll file and location or registry conflicts.
Resizeable volumes require support from the host operating system and relevant applications, but can increase efficient capacity utilisation to 70% or more.
Virtualization platforms often enable the execution of various operating systems in virtual machines regardless of the host operating system. In a bare-metal environment, the host computer does not utilize a host operating system; this configuration is most common when running virtual machines on servers.
Multi-tenancy refers to storage systems capable of supporting both a diverse host operating system environment and diverse applications workload.
Tao's Intent guarantees both application portability across all devices using the relevant Intent components, irrespective of chip architecture or host operating system (if one is implemented), and high performance, even in extremely constrained environments.
A cage is a copy of the host operating system that is connected to a network interface card.
Applications make use of the host operating system services as before and can now access remote resources through calls to the NOs System Services.
Linux, Beowulf's host operating system, is now the Unix flavor with the fastest-growing user-base.
The removal of the transmission processing from the host operating system and CPU to the HBA is paramount to providing improved performance on the host system and a big step toward iSCSI acceptance.
The architecture is independent of the host operating system (OS) and processor platform."