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The IDM can also include other different combined approaches consisting of cultural practices; host plant resistance, biological control and others (Makoi and Ndakidemi, 2007) have been reported to help farmers reduce the use of chemical fungicides.
Direct defenses, in the form of chemical and morphological components that inhibit pest damage, underlie host plant resistance, while indirect defenses, including food provisioning and semiochemical production, improve biological control.
Transgenic host plant resistance could offer more lasting solution to this bacteria disease.
Host plant resistance to insects: An eco-friendly approach for pest management and environment conservation.
'In a more long-term approach, our institution is intensively working on host plant resistance,' he said in a blog.
Various options are available to control maize leaf blight such as the use of host plant resistance, cultural practices and fungicides.
Similar host plant resistance research into Black root rot, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, whitefly and two spotted mites are also under development.
Therefore, using host plant resistance is the most economical, effective and ecologically sustainable method for controlling the disease.
The Southern Horticultural Research Center in Poplarville conducts research on ornamental products including blueberries and strawberries; the Mississippi State research facility focuses on crop science, corn host plant resistance, genetics and precision agriculture, and poultry; and the Oxford location studies national soil sedimentation, watershed physical processes, water quality and ecology