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Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Dec 24 ( ANI ): Ten-day long Hot Air Balloon festival started on the bank of River Ganga in the spiritual city of Varanasi, on Sunday.
Meister will manage a one day Hot Air Balloon Festival with tethered rides and a night glow.
This was advertised as Aintree hot air balloon festival and I would like a reason why people paid an entrance fee to this falsely advertised event.
The 32nd International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Switzerland attracted more than 40,000 visitors and at least 100 pilots at the controls of standard and special shape balloons.
David Green of Xuberance Events called off this year's Llangollen Hot Air Balloon Festival, despite being the event's saviour himself four years ago.
Worse still, it seemed that the first Geneva Hot Air Balloon Festival would never get off the ground.
An international hot air balloon festival held annually in Saga Prefecture will take place this year on Nov.
The photo was taken during the Hot Air Balloon Festival 2016 in Pampanga.
The fourth annual hot air balloon festival started in Pollachi, about 56km from Coimbatore city, on January 10.