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HALHardware Abstraction Layer
HALHeuristically-programmed Algorithmic Computer (computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey)
HAL[not an acronym] from 2001: A Space Odyssey
HALHome Automated Living
HALHalliburton (oil service company)
HALHindustan Aeronautics Limited
HALHybrid Assistive Limb (robotic suit)
HALHistory, Arts and Libraries
HALHalon (fire protection agent)
HALHalberd (Runescape gaming)
HALHyper Article En Ligne (Hyper Article on Line)
HALHeuristic Algorithmic Computer
HALHuman Access Language
HALHouse Programmed Array Logic
HALHardware Array Logic
HALHawaiian Airlines (ICAO code)
HALHolland Amerika Lijn (Dutch: Holland America Line)
HALHer Active Life (women's health publication)
HALHistidine Ammonia-Lyase
HALHold at Location (shipping)
HALHorticulture Australia Ltd.
HALHealth Advisory Level
HALHot Air Leveling (technique for laying soldering coating on circuit boards)
HALHackers At Large
HALAtlantic Halibut
HALHard Array Logic
HALHardware Adaptation Layer
HALHeavy Axle Load (transportation)
HALHunter Associates Laboratory (Reston, VA)
HALHand Activity Level
HALHigh Accident Location
HALHigh-Order Assembly Language
HALHardware Artificial Life
HALHyperspace Analog to Language
HALHouston Aerospace Language (US NASA)
HALHoward Astronomical League (Howard County, Maryland)
HALHigh Temperature Acoustic Levitator (US NASA)
HALHargrave-Andrew Library (Monash University, Australia)
HALHampden Agencies Limited (UK)
HALHyper-Algorithmic Logic (Star Bridge Systems Inc. hypercomputer technology)
HALHorizontal Alert Limit
HALHickling Arthurs Low Corporation (Canada)
HALHumanities, Arts and Languages
HALHuman Access Language (early variation of Lotus 123)
HALHelicopter Attack Squadron Light (US Navy aviation unit designation used 1967-72 and again 1976-88)
HALHeight Above Landing Area
HALHighly Automated Logic
HALHistorical Annotated Landings (National Marine Fisheries Service database)
HALHolston Associated Libraries, Inc.
HALHalken Laboratories Inc
HALHypertext Aided Learning
HALHomework Access Line
HALHyperbaric Airlock
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This finish was requested by customers and recommended after onsite tests were completed on boards with OSP, immersion silver, Pb-free hot air leveling (HAL), and ENIG.
Extensive testing on both vertical and horizontal hot air leveling machines has allegedly shown the solder also provides smooth surfaces with uniform depositions on pads, traces and through holes when compared to tin/lead coatings.
Scapa has made available a high temperature masking tape for low static protection of delicate gold finger or rhodium PBC contacts, assembly holes and components during hot air leveling or wave soldering processes.
Instead of stenciling paste, a flux is deposited over the solder coat, using hot air leveling.
Says Lovell, "this used to be a hot air leveling world, and since BGA, things had to be flatter.
This study investigates whether satisfactory control of the lead-free hot air leveling process is possible.
Mark Racic and Sherry Goodell, "No-Lead and Horizontal Hot Air Leveling," Nepcon West Proceedings, February 1995.
In wave soldering and hot air leveling, molten solder experiences a rapid heat loss at the point where it contacts the board surfaces and component leads.
While these traits can be somewhat dealt with in wave soldering, they're almost insurmountable in hot air leveling.
com), a small, privately owned printed circuit board (PCB) fabricator, has finished pilot testing a lead-free hot air leveling (HAL) process that meets its customers' requirements with a minimum of disruption to its manufacturing processes.