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HWBBHot Water Baseboard (heating system)
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We decided to use a hot water baseboard heating system.
* Hot water baseboard heating should be avoided; they require higher temperatures to drive the airflow over the coils.
Boiler LWT is automatically reset to meets the loads on two air heating coils, some hot water baseboard, and a radiant slab.
I've been trying to keep the place in good shape and, in better financial times, had three energy-star gas boilers installed with hot water baseboard heating, blown-in cellulose wall insulation and .30 energy-star windows installed.
Restoring old hot water baseboard heaters and their outdated rusty metal covers is a challenge for healthcare maintenance staff.
In a photo caption it says this system will work with both radiant floor and hot water baseboard heating systems.
Hot water baseboard heat has metal covers along the wall.
We will again have a wood cookstove as the kitchen's centerpiece, but there also will be hot water baseboard heat throughout the house.