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HWSTHot Water Supply Temperature
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Figure 4b compares the measured COPs of the WWHP unit with the COP data given in heat pump manufacturer's catalog for the same source-side (groundwater) supply temperatures and the load-side hot water supply temperatures, which are determined by the OA reset control described previously.
The hot water supply temperature is also affected although it approximately maintain around 50[degrees]C.
To reach comfort temperature after setback in intermittently occupied buildings in a reasonable time requires high hot water supply temperatures.
The hot water supply temperature setpoint was maintained at 160[degrees]F (71.1 [degrees]C) during the winter and 80[degrees]F (26.6 [degrees]C) during the summer.
[T.sub.DHW] = Hot water supply temperature ([degrees]F)
These were traced to an incorrect boiler installation resulting in low hot water supply temperatures, which has now been corrected.