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HWHot Water
HWHazardous Waste
HWHeavy Weight (sports)
HWHealthy Weight
HWHealth and Wealth
HWHead of Wall (construction)
HWHyrule Warriors (video game)
HWHappy Wheels (game)
HWHalo Wars (game)
HWHarry Winston (jeweler)
HWHigh Water
HWHomeworld (game)
HWHot Wheel
HWHarvard-Westlake School (California)
HWHot Wire (welding technology)
HWHard Wired
HWHealth Warning
HWHard Water
HWHawkwind (band)
HWHelloween (band)
HWHeavy Water
HWHayley Westenra (classical soprano from New Zealand)
HWHand Wheel (automotive steering systems)
HWHoly Wood (Marilyn Manson album)
HWHealth Week (PBS show)
HWHeater, Water
HWHarvey Wallbanger (cocktail)
HWHand Weeding
HWHighly Weathered (soil mechanics)
HWHeritage Writtle (UK)
HWHollow World (gaming, Dungeons & Dragons)
HWHanford Works
HWHell's Wrath (gaming clan)
HWHacked Website
HWHutchWorld (mobile networking)
HWHoming Weapons
HWHorizontal Weather Depiction
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Previously, tests involved putting a hot wire through a sample of the backing material and seeing if it caught alight.
The letters themselves are cut on a CNC hot wire foam cutter, then the cut letters are put into a CNC router to create the holes for placing the bulbs.
Multiple C&C hot wire machines, molds and all equipment/tools necessary for high volume start to finish production capability.
Hot wire cutters are the standard tools in weaving processes, when it comes to cutting of woven synthetic fabrics.
Tenders are invited for Igbt controlled hot wire tig welding power source with pulsating wire feeder , qty: 05 nos.
Our research group is currently developing a novel technique to obtain an ad-hoc and real time electrical signal of the fuel cell water balance by employing hot wire anemometry.
But there is more to them, not least their critically acclaimed New Orleans funk and soul–inspired album, Hot Wire.
The first terminal is attached to a hot wire, the other to some part of the ground system.
If a white wire is connected to the switch, it should be marked as a hot wire with either a piece of black tape or black marker as shown at right.
Supplied in ABS, shock-proof housing with ICE BLUE backlit LCD, the product offers monitoring capabilities for CO, CO2, temperature, humidity, air flow (vane and hot wire), air velocity (pitot tube), and current/voltage.
More presciently it's Hue & Cry's new album Hot Wire and a lengthy jaunt around the UK that will see the group playing a number of intimate shows in a stripped back setting which is occupying the thoughts of the affable frontman.
He cut it into three sections and burnt a hole, with hot wire, down the centre of each section and fitted a brass bowl for the tobacco.