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Grunwald, "Privacy-aware location sensor networks", In Proceedings of the 9th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems, (HotOS IX), 2003.
Hotos appointment comes after the company had undergone restructuring and operates now a life insurance company.
Algunos estudios comparables, fueron los realizados por Theilacker & McMaster (1971) con valores de 0,62 a 0,82 [dia.sup.-1]; Sarma & Nandini (2002) con dos especies de Brachionus con valores entre 0,06 y 0,2 [dia.sup.-1]; por Hotos (2003) en rotiferos alimentados con microalgas vivas en salinidades de 30 ups, con valores de (r) en el intervalo de 0,43 a 0,61 [dia.sup.-1]; por Yin & Zhao (2008) quienes estudiaron el crecimiento de seis variedades de Brachionus plicatilis, con valores de (r) <1,0 [dia.sup.-1], y finalmente por Cisneros (2011) con rotiferos alimentados con diferentes enriquecedores, que obtuvo valores entre 0,02 y 0,38 [dia.sup.-1].
But the countless photos of food dishes seem to have hotos of have food dishes seem to have proved too much for Charlie, who plays male midwife Marcus Dent in the soap.
Prague, (SANA) A p hoto exhibition on Syria under the title "Syria yesterday, How it will be tomorrow" was opened in Odolena Voda town in Czech on Friday.
Given the rampant Becherizarion of contemporary photography, P hoto Show Portrays the Familiar, 2001, is, arguably, the work that looks the most like "art," but it lays bare the vaunted "conceptual" values of the school of Becher by querying what photographed subject isn't (or doesn't become) "conceptual" or "meaningful."