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A few years back, term limits were hotter than July and widely perceived as a structural cure for Big Government.
Arizona is hotter than hell and for sure, a lot hotter than July in Arkansas.
Still, nothing that a spot of superglue didn't sort out, for which I'd just like to thank the entire staff of two in Thrifty Link Hardware of Millicent, where we stopped for a Magnum bar, it being hotter than July in Hell today.
Prince Roco completed Murphy's double when staying on under pressure for Matthew O'Connor to land the bumper by a length from Hotter Than July.
Kate Moss has proved she's hotter than July with her trendy clothing range for Top Shop.
And although 1980's Hotter Than July hinted at a return to form, nothing came near the joyous output of the 1970s.
They're talented, charismatic and hotter than July.
It has been been pretty much downhill for Stevie Wonder since he made the Marley-dedicated Hotter Than July in 1981.
Volvo's new Swedish sizzler, the V70R, is hotter than July.