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HBHHoney Bee Hive (various organizations)
HBHHamburg Hall (Carnegie Mellon University)
HBHHour by Hour (project planning/scheduling)
HBHHellbound Hackers (website)
HBHHeart Break Hotel
HBHHormones-Beauty-Health (beauty care products)
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References in classic literature ?
The night wind tells me secrets Of lotus lilies blue; And hour by hour the willows Shake down the chiming dew.
For years the narrow alleys, the thronged streets, the great buildings of the City had known him day by day, almost hour by hour. Its roar and clamour, the strife of tongues and keen measuring of wits had been the salt of his life.
The Camerons married in 1996, a year after I did and I can't recall my wedding night hour by hour and would be horrified if I could.
If my husband came home and listed hour by hour everything we'd done on our wedding night I'd be unsettled to say the least.
On the other hand, the LMRA is busy cancelling valid residence visas of foreign workers in the kingdom, hour by hour.
ALL the craziness is over, Christmas slips into the past The New Year ages quickly and splatters itself, at last Into daily living, back to the awesome grind Of living hour by hour, hopes and dreams to find It all seems so tedious, frail and simply sad That all the joy, and peace, withers and fades, quite mad!
It comes after an hour by hour review showed that at some points of the day the libraries were simply not being used.
An iPod loader can earn several hundred dollars for converting a large collection, but hour by hour the money is modest--from $6 to $12 an hour.
Drawing on his first-hand experience of the region as the BBC's former Middle East correspondent, and building on extensive original research and interviews with some of the key participants, Jeremy Bowen uses his vast array of contacts to weave together a completely convincing and compelling account, hour by hour, of the 1967 war between Israel and Egypt, Jordan and Syria.
Sitting with pregnant wife Elizabeth he said: "The family is taking life hour by hour, minute by minute and handling this the best we can."
HOSPITAL bosses in Coventry said today they were reviewing their status "hour by hour".
Doctors are astounded Mrs Bridges, from Suffolk, who they say is living "hour by hour", has managed to survive.