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Gonzalez has filed House Joint Resolution 121, a proposed constitutional amendment to Florida's voters that would allow the Legislature, within a period of five years, to override court decisions that find legislative actions unconstitutional.
Nevertheless, House Joint Resolution 20 sailed effortlessly through the Alaska State Legislature, overwhelmingly passing both the House (29-6) and Senate (17-3) before being signed by Republican Gov.
The Indiana House of Representatives' Ways and Means Committee approved the plan, known as House Joint Resolution 3, on Feb.
House Joint Resolution 29, the "We the People" amendment to the U.
It was fortunate, however, that this well-intentioned proposed amendment, known as House Joint Resolution 2 (HJR2), did not pass because a key provision in it is unworkable.
In addition, the Governor announced his support of House Joint Resolution (HJR) 520, which ultimately was adopted by the General Assembly.
House Democratic leaders largely decided to adopt FY 2006 funding levels as a baseline in the spending bill, House Joint Resolution 20, rather than adopting the customary formula of using the lowest figures passed in the House or Senate.
House Joint Resolution 114: Joint Resolution to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq.
After getting permission to use the Cole's coat of arms from RADM Christopher Cole, then-commander of Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, Clodfelter worked with the Virginia General Assembly to pass a proclamation -- House Joint Resolution No.
Similarly, Virginia's House Joint Resolution 94 "memorializes" the Secretary of Agriculture, the Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy to permit the controlled, experimental cultivation of industrial hemp in Virginia.
Litigation in this "continuing saga" has increased substantially since 1984, when the legislature passed House Joint Resolution 40.