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References in classic literature ?
He believed for an instant that he was in the house of the dead, and he did not dare to move lest these corpses start up, squalling and squawking.
Alongside Khovanshchina the company is performing Tchaikovsky's great love story Eugene Onegin and Janacek's From the House of the Dead which is based on Russian writer Dostoevsky's prison diaries.
From the Byronic Pushkin we move to the sombre Dostoevsky for Janacek's From the House of the Dead, with its almost exclusively all-male cast, set within a Siberian prison camp.
07590 471888 THEATRE WNO: From the House of the Dead Set in a claustrophobic Siberian prison, David Pountney's production is a compelling collage of the inmates' stories as they recount why they ended up in jail.
com House of the Dead Manchester's Number 1 scare attraction, this new horror experience was cooked up by Richard Cottier - formerly of Farmageddon - with Sally Duguid and Paul Jamison.
Works examined include Crime and Punishment, Notes from the House of the Dead, The Brothers Karamazov, and oThe Double.
Sonic Generations is the perfect fit for our family-themed daytime entertainment just as Rise of Nightmares and The House of the Dead, both M-rated, will only be enjoyed by our more mature audiences at Fright Fest night events.
It's not so family-friendly anymore, especially after House Of The Dead broke the video game profanity record
Two of his last assignments were in last season's From the House of the Dead and Eugene Onegin.
99 HOUSE of the Dead is a classic arcade series and Overkill represents the first foray into Wii territory for the light-gun shooting action, coming up trumps, for the franchise and the genre in general.
For those unfamiliar with the House Of The Dead series, the games see players armed with light-guns mowing down screen after screen of zombie and monster foes across 'on-rails' levels.