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HOTFDHouse of the Flying Daggers (movie)
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Set in the 19th century, this visually stunning drama focuses on a struggle for power between military forces and a rebel army known as The House of the Flying Daggers.
A slew of Chinese-language blockbusters lit up silver screens around the globe- Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, House of the Flying Daggers, Kung-Fu Hustle, Seven Swords, The Myth, The Promise, Fearless, The Banquet, and Curse of the Golden Flower, among others.
House of the Flying Daggers, which followed Hero, was also an international hit, making 300 million RMB overseas.
The very attractive Mei (Ziyi Zhang) is a blind girl, who works for House Of The Flying Daggers, a sort of non-Nottingham-based Robin Hood-like organisation who are fighting a corrupt government.