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Actions to be taken include: | Lobbying the Welsh Government to make changes in respect of the housing land availability process.
Tenders are invited for strategic housing land availability assessment (shlaa) 2017
The Joint Housing Land Availability Studies Group in Wrexham have in the past determined the amount of land that is available for house building for the next 5 years and how many houses will be built annually.
All brownfield sites with potential for housing development are fully considered and assessed through the council's Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, which forms part of the basis of the Birmingham Development Plan, to see whether they are suitable for housing, how much they can accommodate and when development is likely to take place.
The site, which lies near to the M6 and the Grace Academy, has previously been identified as suitable for housing under the 2014 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment.
The application has addressed issues in respect of cultural heritage, trees and landscape, ecology, flood risk and drainage and is considered to be an acceptable departure to the development plan, making a signifi-cant contribution to the housing land availability within west Swansea, while making a modest contribution to affordable housing requirements.
The plan now hinges on Kirklees Council progressing its Local Plan, based on its Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).
Each of the sites has been carefully selected so as not to impact upon the important heritage areas around this historic village, and have been previously assessed by the council as being suitable for development under the strategic housing land availability process.
The council states that there are limited spaces for the expansion of allotments, and yet the Newcastle Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment has identified around 100 sites, many on green land, that could be sold off for housing
To see the strategic housing land availability assessment and make comments, go to www.
Now the land has appeared as one of the potential housing sites listed in a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), as part of Forest Heath District Council's local plan for the future.
This site, together with other greenfield sites in Coulby Newham, have appeared in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment.
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