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Meanwhile, Birmingham's market is in scarcely better shape with pounds 10m of public sector money being earmarked to restart stuttering schemes which have stopped building and another pounds 11m of public funds set aside for the city's housing market renewal area.
Meanwhile, the council is dragging its feet over the modernisation of the Upper Delaval Estate and introducing a licensing scheme for landlords in the housing market renewal area into which the Government is pouring millions.
The site, at Bearwood Road/Vince Street, is in a prominent gateway location close to the areas of Cape Hill and Bearwood and will be one of the first schemes to be built in the Urban Living Birmingham/Sandwell Housing Market Renewal Area.
In the Housing Market Renewal area the associations have allocated among themselves different roles of 'lead', 'influence', 'follow' or 'exit' (LIFE), in order that each can focus its efforts within the four different neighbourhoods so as to make the most effective use of their resources.
The scheme has been developed by Sandwell Council in conjunction with Urban Living, the Government-backed housing market renewal area pathfinder for Birmingham and Sandwell.
The project, in a housing market renewal area, is giving residents access to ping pong tables, pocket parks, communal bin stores and a Homezone.
bar] HE first homes built in the Housing Market Renewal area of Anfield and Breckfield have gone on sale.
I do not know what evidence you have for this assertion but I would cite the examples of the West Midlands Joint Committee, the Wolverhampton-Telford Technology Corridor, the Black Country study, the Sandwell-Birmingham Housing Market Renewal area, the two cross boundary regeneration zones and the joint ownership of Birmingham Airport as just a few examples of good and effective crossboundary working.
Birchfield estate is part of the pounds 50 million Birmingham Sandwell Housing Market Renewal Area, known as the Urban Living programme, which aims to transform 1960s built estates into better living places for the 21st century.
Those living in the Granby Housing Market Renewal area of Toxteth were speaking to developers and housing professionals about the regeneration plans for their area at a consultation event.
There is a Housing Market Renewal Area that stretches from Nechells to Smethwick where 80 per cent of the people involved are from ethnic minorities, yet there is no African Caribbean representative on the board
The project is being funded by the Housing Market Renewal Area - Urban Living, which pledged pounds 3.
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