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HSWHow Stuff Works (educational website)
HSWHow Stuff Works (information website)
HSWHome Support Worker (healthcare; various organizations)
HSWHuman Service Worker (various locations)
HSWHousehold Service Worker (various locations)
HSWHealth, Safety and Welfare (OSHA)
HSWHealth-Sector Wide (priority setting model)
HSWHealth Solutions Wales (IT, telecommunications and consultancy services to the NHS in Wales)
HSWHad Sex With
HSWHistorical Society of Washington (District of Columbia)
HSWHuman Systems Wing (USAF)
HSWHoward Scott Warshaw (game designer)
HSWHilton Sales Worldwide (hotels; various locations)
HSWHeavy Steep Water
HSWHome Service Worker
HSWHolevo-Schumacher-Westmoreland (information theory)
HSWHarvard-Stanford-Wharton (top business schools)
HSWHeat Sink Welding
HSWHalf Sine Wave
HSWHealth and Safety Works Ltd (UK)
HSWHelena Southwestern Railroad Company
HSWHall Security Worker
HSWHealth and Safety at Work Act of 1974
HSWHorizontal Sliding Wedge (artillery breechblock)
HSWHardware - Software - Wireless, Inc.
HSWHorse Show for Windows (FunnWare Development software)
HSWHappy Social Worker
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How Stuff Works, Freakonomics and NPR have fuelled our middle age learning.
com&utm_medium=social#mkcpgn=rssnws1) How Stuff Works.
As explained by the web site How Stuff Works, a keyless-entry fob is a standard radio-transponder.
I've asked around a bit and while the introduction details vary from person to person, almost every engineer I've met exudes a love of tinkering, problem solving, and figuring out how stuff works.
Have a quick look at Pop Booth Photo Booth (free), StreetMuseum (free) and How Stuff Works (free) - good runners-up.
Debra Ronca, a contributor to the How Stuff Works website, says "Sitting close to the TV may not make a child nearsighted, but a child may sit close to the TV because he or she is nearsighted and undiagnosed.
If too much collects, this gunk can negatively affect engine performance, causing your car to burn more oil, overheat and burn gasoline less efficiently," reports John Fuller on the How Stuff Works website.
The filament is big enough to apply the statistical assumptions of thermodynamics, which are longstanding rules about how stuff works when lots of particles are involved, the researchers explained.
Engineer Marshall Brain, author of How Stuff Works, translates his passion for "stuff" into an upbeat new TV series.
And you' 11 get plenty of that here, plus names of guns, history, ballistics, reloading, something called "Nomenclature" (which is a distinctly NRA sort of a thing), how stuff works, definitions of words we all thought we knew (which we actually don't know, lots of the time) and so much more I'm out of energy trying to remember it all.
How Gnutella Works," How stuff works, http://computer.