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HEDHigher Education Department (various locations)
HEDHeavy Equipment Dealer
HEDHeavy Equipment Division (various locations)
HEDHypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia
HEDHigh Energy Detector
HEDHeavy Episodic Drinking
HEDHealth Effects Division (US EPA)
HEDHuman and Economic Development (Athens, GA)
HEDHigh Energy Density
HEDHealthcare Evaluation Data (UK)
HEDHuman Experience Development
HEDHazard Evaluation Division
HEDHorizontal Electric Dipole
HEDHome Entertainment Division (various organizations)
HEDHuman Equivalent Dose
HEDHuman Engineering Discrepancy
HEDHidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia
HEDHall Effect Device
HEDHowardite-Eucrite-Diogenite (suite of achondrite meteorites)
HEDHuman Engineering Data
HEDHic Est Depositus (Latin: Here He Was Buried, epigraphy)
HEDHistoriae Ecclesiasticae (Doctor of Church History) Doctor, academic degree)
HEDHousehold Energy and Development (UK)
HEDHuman Energy Expenditure
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As a volcanologist, and as one who expected to find evidence of volcanism on Vesta based on what we knew from the Howardite-Eucrite-Diogenite (HED) meteorites and prior models of Vesta's formation, the biggest surprise for me was the absence of any evidence of volcanic features," Dawn mission participating scientist David Williams, co-author on the papers and faculty research associate in Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration.
This basin appears to have excavated into the mantle of Vesta, exposing material spectrally similar to diogenite meteorites; Vesta's crust is spectrally similar to eucrite and howardite meteorites, thus confirming that Vesta and its family of asteroids are the source of the howardite-eucrite-diogenite (HED) family of basaltic achondrite meteorites.
Spectroscopic evidence very strongly suggests that the asteroid 4 Vesta is the parent body of one group of surface, crust, and mantle rocks, the Howardite-Eucrite-Diogenite group of meteorites.