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HATMHowling At the Moon
HATMHuman Alimentary Tract Model (radiology)
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They let loose two immense bloodhounds at night, which all last night were yelling and howling at the moon. "I call the dog Gorer," said Sir Pitt; "he's killed a man that dog has, and is master of a bull, and the mother I used to call Flora; but now I calls her Aroarer, for she's too old to bite.
You'll see How Aggravating and Howling at the Moon at our homepage at NewMoon.com.
was, and hallucinatory howling at the moon, which she did, though the
Howling at the Moon: Vampires & Werewolves in the New World.
We're not sure what the president meant by his canine reference, but his single-minded focus on government spending seems more and more like a case of howling at the moon. Within a few weeks, we'll find out whether a majority of voters are with him and his party, or ready to lead the pack in a new direction.
* I was glad to see that Voice of the Faithful is committed to stop "howling at the moon" (NCR, Nov.
But you never know, in frustration of missing a highly enjoyable night, they might just start howling at the moon.
The article "Howling at the Moon," (Currents, January/February 2005) is environmentalist propaganda, and howls the false gospels of peace, harmony and joy between humankind and large carnivores.
"But whether you're just putting off the day when you just sit howling at the moon to a later date, I don't know."
TOMB RAIDER star Angeline Jolie will be howling at the moon when she plays a werewolf in a new movie.
When the band on the odd occasion did let rip, like at the end of the extraordinary You Masculine You, with Wagner howling at the moon, shivers were shooting up my spine.
Most people think that dogs are only good for fetching slippers, howling at the moon, or, in general, just being there when everyone else treats them like last Sunday's cabbage.