HPRDHuman Protein Reference Database
HPRDHenderson Parks and Recreation Department (Nevada)
HPRDHigh Performance RDF (Raw Data File) Database (computer science)
HPRDHealth Policy Research Division (Health Canada)
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A STUDY by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services looking at nursing homes with the greatest number of significant deficiencies took the position that 4.1 total hprd, of which 0.75 hprd were RN hours, were necessary to prevent harm or jeopardy to residents.
For support staff, NHs that anticipated increases in reimbursement significantly increased housekeeping (0.05 HPRD) and dietitian (0.01 HPRD) staffing levels.
The number of OBDs was used as the denominator to convert the indicator data into an incident rate per 1000 OBDs, and to convert the staffing hours into the number of HPRD. While normalising the data for comparison, it also allowed for checking for outliers.
For example, Feng, Grabowski, Intrator, Zinn, and Mor (2008) reported that changes in state Medicaid rates and case-mix reimbursement in 48 states were associated with decreased RN HPRD. In another study, Feng and colleagues (2010) found no wage pass-through effect for RN HPRD.
In this study, we computationally constructed the global human PPI network covering almost all PPIs (about 2,00,000 protein pairs), based on IntAct, HPRD, HomoMINT, BOND and BioGRID.
Since all protein-protein interactions in HPRD are undirected relations, the regional PPI networks in this study are undirected networks.
STRING (a web based tool)12 and HPRD (Human Protein Reference Database)13 are best sites for finding protein interactor.
To allow for comparison across facilities, we based staffing ratios on the number of hours per resident day (HPRD).
Specifically, the amount of time spent by nursing staff in Mississippi has been reported at 2.86 hours per resident day (HPRD), well above the national median of 2.32 HPRD but below the recommended 3.0 HPRD by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (25).
In developing the Human Protein Reference Database (HPRD), for example, developers performed extensive searches in PubMed to identify relevant literature.
The HPRD team members in this case were assembled from IBM's internal SRDC experts, from external strategic alliances and from partnerships with international independent technology companies, collectively referred to as "Alliance Partners," to form a highly specialized and high-performing R&D team.
From 500V to 30 kV, the HP, HPR, HPF and HPRD Series for mass spectrometers and floating detector applications offer precision unipolar and bipolar high voltage supplies with output ripple of <10 ppm.