HRDTHigh Refraction Diamond Turning
HRDTHuman Resource Development Technologies (Wilmington, DE)
HRDTHuman Resource Development and Training
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To back up the HRDT technology, Syntec has developed proprietary software that monitors and controls harmonic balancing of the DT machine and the part being turned.
Paul Tolley, Syntec Optics VP/General Manager and the other co-developer of HRDT, adds: "The bottom line is HRDT saves projects thousands of dollars in development costs but has even greater value in accelerating time to market.
HRDT is a major Syntec innovation for improving manufacturability.
According to Rick Arndt, VP of Tooling for Rochester Tool and Mold, a wholly owned subsidiary of Syntec Technologies, "Before HRDT was available, it was impossible to direct diamond turn polymers suitable for high index NIR needs any smoother than 450 angstroms.
Available for immediate use, Syntec's HRDT technology supports the following: