HRP2Histidine Rich Protein 2
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Por otra parte, la diversidad genetica y la supresion de la proteina rica en histidina 2 (HRP2) pueden afectar la sensibilidad, generando diagnostico falso negativo, especialmente en los casos de Plasmodium falciparum que no presentan HRP2 y HRP3 (dichos cambios se han descrito especialmente en casos de paises como Peru y Papua Nueva Guinea).
Abbreviations MP: Malarial parasite PL: Parasite load CBC: Complete blood count RDTs: Rapid diagnostic tests HRP2: Histidine-rich protein 2.
Field studies of the ParaSight[TM] F test in a malaria endemic area: cost, feasibility, sensitivity, specificity, predictive value and detection of HRP2 gene among wild type Plasmodium falciparum in Mali.
Following successful malaria treatment, the HRP2 antigen persists in patients' blood for prolonged periods, resulting in false positives.
"We found that if HRP2 levels are low, clinicians can be more than 98 percent sure the child will not progress to cerebral malaria," Seydel said.
(23) The respective computed values of Chi--square ([X.sup.2]com) are 1.61 for HRP 1; 2.62 for HRP2; and 2.94 for HRP3 (see Tables 1-3).
HRP2, nicknamed "Promet," is a classic example of the business-academia collaboration going on in Ibaraki's laboratories and science parks.
HRP2-based RDTs target parasite HRP2, and some cross-react with HRP3 because of sequence similarities between the 2 proteins.
We tested the children under five years for parasitaemia during the household survey and used a malaria rapid diagnostic test (MRDT) HRP2 (pf) [20, 21] that was 98% sensitive and 97% specific to detect P.